Start your GED in Green Bay

Start Your GED® in Green Bay

GED® and HSED prep programs are FREE at NWTC.

Why Earn Your GED®?

What you do matters. If you do not have your high school diploma, earning your GED® is the next step before going to college and pursuing a career field you’ll love.


Eligibility Requirements

We look forward to working with you! But first, let’s make sure you meet the following eligibility requirements:
  • You must be at least 18.5 years old, or your 9th grade class must have graduated.
  • You must be a Wisconsin resident.
  • You must not be currently enrolled in a public or private high school.
  • You must not be a high school graduate.
Step 1: Take the TABE Pre-Test
Step 2: Attend GED® JumpStart
Step 3: Attend GED® Classes (optional)
Step 4: Take the GED® Test


Thursday, July 23, 2020 | 6:00 p.m.
NWTC Green Bay Campus
2740 W. Mason Street, Green Bay, WI 54303

Graduates may invite six family members or friends.
Questions? Contact General Studies Office at 920-498-5421

What’s next after earning the GED®?

Start taking college classes. You can do it! Choose from over 200 academic programs at NWTC. If you’re unsure about your career path, we can help you find career fields that fit your interests and strengths.

Will the NWTC experience challenge you? Yes, but it’s worth it. And don’t worry, our academic coaches and advisors are dedicated to helping you succeed!

For help with your next step, contact Shelley Karnz, Adult Basic Education Navigator, at 920-491-2693 or

Questions? We’re here to help.

For GED testing questions, contact the Green Bay Assessment Center
(920) 498-5427 or (800) 422-NWTC ext. 5427

For GED Preparation classes, contact General Studies
(920) 498-5686 or (800) 422-NWTC ext 5686


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