Law, Public Safety and Security Programs

Be heroic. It’s your calling – your purpose. You were meant for a career in law and public safety. We’ll help you achieve your dreams so you can get out there and make a difference. We believe in you.

  • Get a rewarding career that pays. Our 2017 grads from five Law, Public Safety and Security programs earned a median starting salary between $44,409 and $57,978. See more high-pay programs.

  • ​Be selective in choosing an employer. Highly-skilled professionals are in demand. For example, 14 jobs were available for every NWTC 2017 EMT grad, and there were over 15 jobs available for every Criminal Justice Professional Studies grad. Learn more about grad success.

  • Train in real world labs. Our Public Safety Tactical Center offers scenario-based training to help participants make appropriate decisions in life threatening situations. Learn more about the training facilities.

Student Stories

EMT Returns to Become Paramedic

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Civilian Firearms

CPR Training



Motorcycle Classes

Traffic Safety - Point Reduction, Juvenile AODA, Group Dynamics, and Multiple Offender

Specialized Training - Force-on-Force, Public Safety Training Complex

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