Introduction to Paraeducator Careers Pathway Certificate

Paraeducator working with student in classroom

Program Code: 615221

Are you interested in working with preschool students through grade twelve? In this certificate, you'll receive a basic foundation in theory and practical application of how children learn, teaching strategies, supporting the classroom teacher with classroom management, and addressing the needs of special needs students. All courses transfer to the Paraeducator technical diploma and Foundations of Teacher Education associate degree program.


Certificate Completers will be able to

• Demonstrate problem-solving skills within a group setting.
• Incorporate learning styles into instructional strategies.
• Engage culturally diverse students.
• Summarize brain development in young children.
• Recommend program adaptations and accommodations for children with exceptionalities.
• Demonstrate the use of strategies for managing student behavior.


Requirements for Program Entry

• Completed application.

Students following the study plan below will complete the Introduction to Paraeducator Careers Pathway Certificate in the number of semesters shown.
All courses in this certificate may be applied toward the Paraeducator Associate Degree program.
10-522-103 EDU: INTRODUCTION TO EDUCATIONAL PRACTICES ...fundamentals of teaching methodologies, history of education, issues in trends, learning styles, instructional cycle, characteristics of diverse classroom, questioning techniques and assessment practices.
10-522-107 EDU: OVERVIEW OF SPECIAL EDUCATION ...This course provides an overview of the special education law. Special education categories under IDEA and associated causes and characteristics will be explored as well as state and federal qualification criteria will be examined. Societal responses to students with disabilities as well as the impact of a student with disabilities on family dynamics will also be covered in this course.
10-522-111 EDU: GUIDING & MANAGING BEHAVIOR ...proactive, preventive classroom management, research-based concepts and strategies used to prevent behavior problems, creating positive classroom climate, building student relationships, enhancing motivation, responding to inappropriate behavior will be emphasized.
10-522-106 EDU: CHILD & ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT...growth and development birth through adolescence. Acquaints the learner with the fundamental tasks of physical, motor, perceptual, cognitive social/emotional and language development.
Curriculum Note
Students must earn a "C" or higher in all 10-522-XXX courses to successfully graduate the Intro to Paraeducator Careers Certificate. A student must repeat the particular course with a "C" or better final grade to continue in or graduate from this program. If the course is sequential, the successful retake must occur before continuing the sequence.