Clay Certificate

Program Code: 903062

The Clay Certificate, offered at the NWTC Artisan & Business Center on Cedar Street in Green Bay, will give students the opportunity to learn new skills or expand their existing skills in the area of hand-building techniques, wheel throwing and materials and procedures, as well as the development of ideas, methods of critique, and running a contemporary clay studio. The studio includes a variety of pottery wheels, ample work space, and kilns. Students in the certificate will not need any prior training or art classes; however, courses should be taken in the order listed.


Certificate Completers will be able to

• Create coiled pots, pinched bowls, plates, and other distinct forms.
• Throw several forms, including; a bowl, plate, and cup.
• Apply texture to a form while on the wheel.
• Throw a pitcher form, add or pull a spout and attach a handle.
• Recreate a simple form from a contemporary or historic wheel thrown vessel.
• Create lidded forms.
• Glaze work and produce a series of work from found materials and developed glazes.

Catalog No. Description
10-306-200 CERAMICS 1: HAND-BLDG TECH-BEG ...major techniques used to work with clay. Preparing clay, joining, pinch pots, slab building and coiling methods. Studio safety and basic knowledge about firing process.
10-306-201 CERAMICS 2: WHEEL THROWING ...beginning skills needed to create and develop pottery thrown on a wheel. Preparing clay, centering, opening, throwing, collaring, shaping and trimming. Glaze application and adding handles/spouts.
10-306-202 CERAMICS 3: WHEEL THROW-INTERM ...continuing work from Ceramics 1 and 2. Practicing the basic techniques of throwing and attaching elements, exploring formal elements. Methods of critique will also be expanded upon.
10-306-203 CERAMICS 4: MATERIAL/PROCEDURE a contemporary studio. Locating and testing clays, creating glazes, and studying ceramic materials. Load and fire contemporary electric kilns; build and fire primitive kilns.
Certificate Total