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Wellness Programming & Design

Credits: 3
Course Number: 10-546-106

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Course Description

10-546-106 WELLNESS PROGRAMMING & DESIGN ...learners will design, develop, and deliver corporate and community wellness initiatives such as health risk assessments, wellness incentive programs, or health educational sessions. Learners will develop needs assessments, goals, objectives and evaluation measures with an emphasis on writing and presentation skills. (Prerequisite: Accepted in the Wellness & Health Promotion program)

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall

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What will I learn?

  1. Compare the relationship between employee health and productivity and employee health and costs.
  2. Identify needs and interests for Worksite Health Promotion programs.
  3. Present justifiable rationale for establishing evidence-based Worksite Health Promotion programs as a business strategy.
  4. Identify common attributes of successful Worksite Health Promotion interventions.
  5. Develop a high-quality Worksite Health Promotion program planning proposal.
  6. Identify effective methods for maximizing participation in Worksite Health Promotion programs.
  7. Explain why and how the Worksite Health Promotion (WHP) programs vary in type, frequency, and rigor from worksite to worksite
  8. Create a Worksite Health Promotion program.
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Class Number: 81391

Blended - Less than 50% Online
Fall 2024
8/21/2024 - 10/9/2024
Green Bay Campus Room HS318
8/21/2024 - 10/9/2024
W — 12:30 PM - 3:20 PM