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Transportation Welding 1

Course Number: 10412170
Credits: 1.00

Course Description

10-412-170 WELDING TRANSPORTATION 1 ...focuses on welding and cutting safety; develops skills in welding and cutting of metals used in the transportation trades. Methods of welding include gas metal arc welding (MIG) in the horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions. Methods of cutting include oxy-fuel and plasma arc cutting of metals. Students will learn to set up and maintain welding equipment and weld and cut a variety of types and thicknesses of materials commonly used in the transportation trades.

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall

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Credit for Prior Learning

Course Competencies

  1. Demonstrate safety in welding.
  2. Operate heating and cutting equipment.
  3. Explain different materials and joining processes used in transportation.
  4. Operate GMAW (MIG) welding equipment.