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SolidWorks Advanced

Course Number: 10606216
Credits: 2.00

Course Description

10-606-216 SOLIDWORKS ADVANCED ...sheet metal parts, sheet metal drawings, weldment parts, weldment drawings, equations, configurations, assemblies, assembly drawings, lofting and surfacing. (Prerequisite: 10-606-106, SolidWorks Intermediate)

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall

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Course Competencies

  1. Construct sheet metal models using flanges.
  2. Apply forming tools to sheet metal models.
  3. Create fully dimensioned sheet metal drawings.
  4. Construct SolidWorks weldment models.
  5. Create SolidWorks weldment configurations.
  6. Create fully dimensioned weldment drawings.
  7. Construct SolidWorks surface models.