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Restaurant Management

Credits: 3
Course Number: 10-109-168

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Course Description

10-109-168 RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT industry, product classifications, responsible service; bar/kitchen equipment/organization; maintaining clean/sanitary facilities; staffing, training, supervising food/beverage employees; promotions planning; budgeting/cost controls of food/beverage operations.

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall
  • Spring

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Credit for Prior Learning

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What will I learn?

  1. Describe Food Service Management including the Operating Control Cycle and Management Tasks
  2. Describe the basic steps in the Food/Beverage Operation Control Process
  3. Describe Menu engineering as it pertains to item selection, pricing, contribution margin and strategy
  4. Identify factors used to project revenues and develop food/beverage budgets
  5. Explain how standard food/beverage costs and ideal cost evaluate operation results in restaurants
  6. Describe effective purchasing practices and factors affecting product selection
  7. Identify the objectives/process of a storage and issuing control systems
  8. Review the methods and control procedures for food production and serving
  9. Calculate cost of sales for food and beverage operations
  10. Explain how managers compare standards with actual results to determine corrective actions
  11. Describe revenue control procedures
  12. Identify precautions managers can take to reduce theft
  13. Explain and identify the tools managers use in planning for labor cost control
  14. Explain how managers determine labor standards, reconcile budgeted labor costs and use staffing guides
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