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Produce Safety & Organic Certification

Course Number: 10090143
Credits: 1.00

Course Description

10-090-143 PRODUCE SAFETY & ORGANIC CERTIFICATION... This stand-alone course enables students to complete organic certification paperwork (an Organic Farm Plan). Students will be able to proceed with the steps needed to allow their garden or farm to become "Certified Organic." The course also helps producers understand GAP, (Good Agricultural Practices) requirements under the Food Safety Modernization Act. Students will be able to complete their own Food Safety Plan for their farm/garden by the end of the course.

Course Typically Offered

  • Spring

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Course Competencies

  1. Complete the Produce Safety Alliance (PSA) credential
  2. Summarize the produce safety rule
  3. Classify farms and produce covered under the rule
  4. Evaluate farm food safety worker training plans
  5. Compare the risks of different soil amendments, animals activities and land uses
  6. Evaluate water quality associated with produce growing, harvest & packing
  7. Appraise best practices for produce handling, storage, transport (PSR)
  8. Evaluate a Farm’s Food Safety plan
  9. Complete sections of the Organic Farm Plan paperwork