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Mold Die Construction

Credits: 4
Course Number: 32-420-329

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Course Description

32-420-329 MOLD DIE CONSTRUCTION ...this course provides the opportunity for the learner to develop the knowledge, skills, process and understanding of interpreting mold die prints, types of mold dies, mold plates, ejector pins, sprues, slides, cavities and cores, runners, gates, leader pins/bushings, selecting material to be molded and the functional design of a mold die. They will also understand the process of selecting the proper materials for mold plates and components. Will fit, assemble, trouble shoot, diagnose and run mold dies on a plastic injection molding machine. (Prerequisite: 31-420-366, CNC/Machining Fundamentals 4; 32-420-327, 3D CAM Programming; 32-420-326, EDM & Waterjet Machining; 32-420-324, CNC Machining Center Oper-Adv)

Course Typically Offered

  • Spring

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What will I learn?

  1. Apply drilling and milling processes to mold die and plate construction.
  2. Produce mold cavities and cores with milling and electrical discharge machining processes.
  3. Apply proper polishing techniques on mold cavities and cores.
  4. Perform heat treating operations on components produced with various mold steels.
  5. Apply clearance, sliding, locational and press fits on various mold components.
  6. Apply cooling and/or heating line to mold plates and cores.
  7. Perform turning and precision grinding operations to produce mold core pins.
  8. Apply engraving and/or stamping operations to a mold die.
  9. Produce a functional sprue, runner and gate system on the mold plates.
  10. Assemble mold die plates and ejector system using correct types of fasteners.
  11. Set up completed mold on a molding machine for try-out.
  12. Operate a molding machine to produce finished product from a mold die.
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