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IT:Network: Virtualization 1

Course Number: 10150185
Credits: 2.00

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Course Description

10-150-185 IT:NETWORK: VIRTUALIZATION 1...this course will provide the learner the opportunity to design, implement, and secure aspects of virtualization environments including but not limited to, storage technologies, virtual network infrastructure, and virtual machine installation, configuration, and migration (Prerequisites: 10-150-168, IT:Network:Cisco 2; 10-150-165, IT:Network:Microsoft Server 1)

Length of Course

Course Competencies

  1. Implement Type-2 (hosted) virtualization software.
  2. Implement Type-1 (bare metal) virtualization software.
  3. Create a VMFS datastore on hosts to provide local storage for virtual machines.
  4. Apply Storage Area Network (SAN) technologies to provide storage space.
  5. Install and configure vCenter Server.
  6. Implement vNetwork standard switches including vmnics, Virtual machine port groups, and vmkernel ports.
  7. Create virtual machines (guests) manually, using templates, and by cloning existing virtual machines.
  8. Migrate running virtual machines between hosts with minimal down time for clients.
  9. Implement snapshots of virtual machines to create a restoration point.
  10. Secure the virtualization environment using user accounts and roles to restrict access.
  11. Automate the migration and operaton of virtual machines using performance monitoring, alarms, and High Availability clustering of hosts.