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Investigation Practices

Credits: 3
Course Number: 10-504-166

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Course Description

10-504-166 INVESTIGATION PRACTICES...The course will provide the student with the skills necessary to conduct general investigations related to both criminal and civil liability. Best practices and strategies will be presented. The student will learn of the benefits of open source information; the application of criminal and civil law in proving elements of a crime or determining fault, the legal parameters to conducting investigations, and the required standards to submitting investigative results in court. An examination will be made of the various career paths available in this field. This includes corporate security, insurance and worker compensation, private investigations and public safety.

Course Typically Offered

  • Spring

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What will I learn?

  1. Examine the role evidence plays in criminal investigations and prosecutions.
  2. Apply the steps for processing crime scenes.
  3. Apply appropriate strategies to locate, handle, and package evidentiary items.
  4. Document the crime scene.
  5. Recognize the unique investigative issues for crimes against life.
  6. Intervene and apply appropriate investigative strategies.
  7. Recognize the role of public records in case development.
  8. Compare the differences between a criminal and civil proceeding.
  9. Identify the importance of interviews, statements and photographs to case development.
  10. Recognize the value surveillance has to an ongoing investigation.
  11. Analyze the role of the investigator in insurance claims.
  12. Apply appropriate investigative strategies to cases of arson.
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