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Introduction to Telecommunications Safety Procedures

Course Number: 10451101
Credits: 3.00

Course Description

10-451-101 INTRODUCTION TO TELECOMMUNICATIONS SAFETY PROCEDURES ...introduces the fundamental aspects of fall protection and rescue theory as well as practical applications of tower safety practices. Students will also learn about fall hazards, protection regulations, use and assessment of full body harnesses, and energy absorbing lanyards.

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Course Competencies

  1. Practice general safety procedures in the workplace while identifying hazards according to OSHA/ANSI/Manufacturer’s standards.
  2. Practice safety procedures for equipment including Lockout/Tagout procedures.
  3. Perform a self-rescue.
  4. Perform a companion rescue.
  5. Implement different kinds of rigging plans.
  6. Evaluate Maximum Permissible Exposure limits of Radio Frequencies.
  7. Safely operate capstan hoist to prevent accidents.
  8. Demonstrate basic first aid/blood borne pathogens and CPR procedures.
  9. Complete job safety hazard analysis (JHA) and rescue plans.
  10. Follow proper crane and traffic control principle.