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Intro to SolidWorks Modeling

Course Number: 10614238
Credits: 3.00

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Course Description

10-614-238 INTRO TO SOLIDWORKS MODELING... terminology, software operation, creating and manipulating SolidWorks models from blue prints to reverse engineering, utilizing basic modeling functions. (Prerequisite: 10-606-119, Sketching Technical)

Course Typically Offered

  • Spring

Course Competencies

  1. Create basic sketch entities to produce drawings
  2. Create extrusion boss and extrusion cut features to build digital models
  3. Apply drawing planes to allow multiple sketch locations
  4. Create fillets & chamfers in the production of digital models
  5. Create rib features to create digital models
  6. Create shell features to construct digital models
  7. Create revolve/cut features in designing models
  8. Create helix feature to produce sketch entities
  9. Create sweep features in designing models
  10. Evaluate mirror features when building digital models
  11. Create fill patterns to create sketch features
  12. Create circle pattern to create sketch features.
  13. Create drawing features to create digital blueprints
  14. Create assemblies to build complex digital parts