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Introduction to Restoration & Metal Fabrication

Course Number: 10405142
Credits: 2.00

Course Description

10-405-142 INTRODUCTION TO RESTORATION & METAL FABRICATION ...this course provides the opportunity for the learner to develop the knowledge and skills and to restore late model vehicles. Emphasis will be placed on tear down of the vehicle, assessment of the parts, and organizing of the project. Learners will have the opportunity to fabricate damaged or missing body panels or parts. Competencies of this course will be delivered using NWTC props.

Course Typically Offered

  • Spring

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Course Competencies

  1. Perform vehicle research and findings documentation.
  2. Perform vehicle component evaluation and disassembly documentation.
  3. Estimate project time frames and costs.
  4. Identify tools and materials used for metal body panel fabrication.
  5. Create a template for metal fabrication.
  6. Fabricate replacement parts.