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Intro to Dairy Science

Credits: 3
Course Number: 10-090-326

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Course Description

10-090-326 INTRO TO DAIRY SCIENCE ...this course provides basic knowledge of the dairy science field. Topics include animal health, anatomy and physiology, genetics and reproduction, basic breed characteristics and animal feedstuffs.

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall

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What will I learn?

  1. Relate the impact of dairy farming on the community.
  2. Associate careers in the dairy industry.
  3. Characterize products made from milk and their nutritional benefits.
  4. Evaluate milking techniques and assess milk quality.
  5. Identify dairy breed characteristics, conformation, genetics and basic anatomy.
  6. Outline male and female reproductive anatomy and basic bovine reproduction.
  7. Explain nutritional needs as met by various feeds.
  8. Examine common herd health care concepts and practices.
  9. Outline best management practices (BMPs) for optimal dairy production.
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Class Number: 83262

Fall 2024
Green Bay Campus Room ET123
8/19/2024 - 10/14/2024
M, W — 8:30 AM - 11:20 AM