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HVAC/R Refrigeration Applications

Course Number: 10601143
Credits: 3.00

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Course Description

10-601-143 HVAC/R REFRIGERATION APPLICATIONS ...refrigeration system piping, load calculation, sizing, and component selection; service, troubleshoot and repair commercial refrigeration systems including walk-in coolers/freezers, reach-in coolers/freezers and ice machines. (Prerequisites: 10-601-113, HVAC/R Refrig/Air Cond Syst; 10-601-458, HVACR Motors and Controls 2)

Course Typically Offered

  • Spring

Length of Course

Course Competencies

  1. Distinguish between types of domestic and commercial refrigeration systems
  2. Discuss applications and installation of common commercial Refrigerating systems
  3. Demonstrate general servicing procedures on commercial systems
  4. Be able to service compressors
  5. Demonstrate proper servicing procedures for condensers
  6. Demonstrate proper servicing procedures for Evaporators
  7. Describe miscellaneous servicing procedures for Commercial Systems, including Hot Gas Defrost Problems, Moisture in Systems, Transferring Refrigerants, and Adding Oil to Systems.
  8. Discuss system balance and explain its important factors
  9. Discuss principles and applications of Absorption Systems