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GERO: Programs and Services in Aging

Course Number: 10544209
Credits: 3.00

Course Description

10-544-209 GERO: PROGRAMS AND SERVICES IN AGING overview of social policy as it relates to aging and available federal funding for the senior consumer. Students will learn the resources available in the community, eligibility criteria, and how to access and coordinate services for seniors. Supplementing social networking and enhancing mental health functioning for the aging population will also be discussed. Students will explore different career fields within gerontology. (Prerequisites: 10-544-207, GERO: Legal and Ethical Issues of Aging; 10-544-210, GERO: Generations & Diversity Aging)

Course Typically Offered

  • Spring

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Course Competencies

  1. Characterize the social context of community resource delivery
  2. Describe how housing may impact one's ability to age optimally
  3. Decipher the role of an aging network from an Area Agency on Aging
  4. Coordinate the provision of services to older adults
  5. Defend the importance of family caregiver support
  6. Assess feasible long term care solutions for older adults
  7. Characterize the primary functions of senior centers