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GERO: Developing Gerontology Professional

Course Number: 10544208
Credits: 3.00

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Course Description

10-544-208 GERO: DEVELOPING THE GERONTOLOGY PROFESSIONAL ...exploration of effective communication styles and interview techniques for developing rapport and relationships with aging populations. Other topics include ethics and boundaries, self-determination, case plan development and implementation, documentation skills, research and grant funding, and compassion fatigue. (Prerequisites: 10-544-207, GERO: Legal & Ethical Issues Aging; 10-544-210, GERO: Generations and Diversity in Aging)

Course Typically Offered

  • Spring

Course Competencies

  1. Apply the concepts involved in the helping process
  2. Explain how the problem-management model may be applied to professional practice in gerontology
  3. Adhere to professional boundaries
  4. Demonstrate effective relationship building skills and communication strategies to be used with older adults
  5. Exhibit support for the concepts of elder autonomy, consumer-directed care, and self-determination
  6. Demonstrate job seeking skills
  7. Document explorations of career fields within gerontology
  8. Perform accurate documentation
  9. Assess the needs of older adults
  10. Formulate a case plan based upon the assessed needs of older adults
  11. Apply evidence-based research as it relates to gerontology
  12. Outline the essential components to securing grant funds
  13. Employ strategies to prevent empathy fatigue