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General Chemistry

Course Number: 10806134
Credits: 4.00

Course Description

10-806-134 GENERAL CHEMISTRY ...covers chemistry fundamentals. Topics: metric system, problem-solving, periodic relationships, chemical reactions, chemical equilibrium, properties of water; acids, bases, and salts; and gas laws. (Prereq: A 2.6 GPA AND Algebra 2 or equivalent w/C or better; OR Next Gen Rdg score greater/equal to 250 AND Next Gen Arithmetic score greater/equal to 250; OR ACT Rdg score greater/equal to 15 AND ACT Math score greater/equal to 21; OR prep courses-contact academic advisor at 920-498-5444)

Course Typically Offered

  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Spring

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Credit for Prior Learning

Course Competencies

  1. Perform safe laboratory practices
  2. Apply scientific method
  3. Solve problems using quantitative data
  4. Explain the characteristics of matter
  5. Analyze the periodic relationships of the elements
  6. Describe chemical bonding
  7. Explain the behavior of matter during a chemical reaction
  8. Calculate quantities of substances
  9. Analyze chemical substances
  10. Characterize aqueous solutions
  11. Analyze acid-base chemistry
  12. Characterize the behavior of gases
  13. Explain chemical equilibrium