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Gas Utility Field Training 4

Credits: 5
Course Number: 31-469-341

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Course Description

31-469-341 GAS UTILITY FIELD TRAINING 4 ...installation, maintenance, and repair of residential gas appliances, venting codes, line stoppering equipment, corrosion control, regulators, metering, first aid, and customer service training. Electrical sources/circuits in gas appliances, safe practices, test equipment, reading wiring diagrams, gas/electrical control functions, ignition systems, sequence of operation and troubleshooting. (Prerequisite: 31-469-330, Gas Utility Field Training 3; 31-469-345, Basic Electricity for Gas Appliances)

Course Typically Offered

  • Spring

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What will I learn?

  1. Explain Gas water heaters
  2. Explain Gas Ranges
  3. Explain Conventional Gas Furnaces
  4. Explore Ventilation Air for Combustion
  5. Compare Venting of Appliances
  6. Compare standard furnaces to high efficiency gas furnaces
  7. Explore Gas Dryers
  8. Explain dangers and sources of Carbon monoxide
  9. Outline Tapping & Stopping Steel Gas Mains
  10. Perform of plastic pipe fusions
  11. Explain Gas Combustion and Gas Burners
  12. Explain the Properties of Complete and Incomplete Combustion
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