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Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 1

Course Number: 31442359
Credits: 1.00

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Course Description

31-442-359 GAS TUNGSTEN ARC WELDING 1 ...course provides the opportunity for the learner to develop the knowledge, skills, process and understanding of GTAW equipment set-up as well as the basic skills needed to make welds on plain carbon steel. Weld quality will be discussed but this course is only used to understand the basics of the GTAW process. (Corequisite: 31-442-301, Material Cutting Applications)

Course Typically Offered

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Credit for Prior Learning

Length of Course

  • Less than 8 weeks
  • More than 8 weeks

Course Competencies

  1. Demonstrate safety in GTAW
  2. Apply Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Technologies
  3. Select GTAW equipment for application
  4. Select tungsten electrode for application
  5. Select filler material for application
  6. Apply welding techniques
  7. Demonstrate flat welding (1G Position)
  8. Demonstrate horizontal welding (2F position)