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Environmental Chem Analysis

Course Number: 10506148
Credits: 4.00

Course Description

10-506-148 ENVIRONMENTAL CHEM ANALYSIS ...laboratory techniques are performed to determine the suitability of supply sources and purification processes in the water and wastewater industries. (Prerequisite: 10-806-134, General Chemistry with a "C" or better; 10-804-113, College Technical Math 1A with a "C" or better)

Course Typically Offered

  • Spring

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Course Competencies

  1. Apply Lab Safety
  2. Practice Proper Sampling Techniques
  3. Write a Legally Defendable Laboratory Notebook
  4. Apply Proper Preservation and Storage Techniques
  5. Explain Laboratory Equipment and Instruments
  6. Apply General Lab Practices
  7. Calculate Statistical Analysis of Data
  8. Analyze the Physical and Chemical Properties of Water
  9. Explain the Quality Assurance / Quality Control System