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Emotional Intelligence

Course Number: 10520103
Credits: 2.00

Course Description

10-520-103 EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE ...This course will introduce the student to the importance of emotional intelligence in the human services field. Emotional intelligence works to increase the student’s emotional self-awareness, self-regulation, core values internal motivation, increasing empathy, and building skills for interpersonal effectiveness needed to be an effective human service worker. Students will utilize these basic skills in the human service field to adapt and manage their responses to various situations. Apply reflective practitioner techniques.

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall
  • Spring

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Course Competencies

  1. Review the history of emotional intelligence
  2. Process the Anatomy of Emotion
  3. Determine avoidance schemes and the consequences of avoiding emotion
  4. Examine Emotional Regulation Skills
  5. Engage in Emotional Regulation Skills
  6. Examine the risks of vicarious trauma
  7. Create an Emotional Wellness Plan