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Criminal Law and Procedures

Course Number: 10110168
Credits: 3.00

Course Description

10-110-168 CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURES ...exploration of substantive and procedural criminal law, the role of paralegals in both the prosecution and defense of criminal actions, emphasis on investigations and preparation of legal documents. (Associate Degree Prerequisite: 10-110-101, Paralegal Intro/Legal Ethics with a "C" or better; Technical Diploma Corequisite: 10-110-101, Paralegal Intro/Legal Ethics)

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall

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Course Competencies

  1. Analyze statutes that address substantive criminal laws and procedure.
  2. Determine if a search and arrest is in accordance with the Fourth Amendment.
  3. Analyze the rules provided by Miranda.
  4. Draft a Criminal Complaint.
  5. Determine possible factual and/or statutory defenses available to a defendant.
  6. Analyze a police report to determine the appropriate crimes involved.
  7. Contrast the roles of the prosecution and the defense in a criminal action.
  8. Identify the steps of a criminal action from the charging of a crime to appeal.