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CNC Turning Operation-Advanced

Credits: 2
Course Number: 32-420-325

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Course Description

32-420-325 CNC TURNING OPERATION-ADVANCED ...CNC production planning, advanced G-code programming of canned cycles for CNC turning, sub-programming for CNC turning, optimizing speeds and feeds for modern cutting tools used in CNC turning, advanced part setup techniques for CNC turning, utilization of tool probes for CNC turning. (Corequisite: 32-420-335, CNC Turning Operations)

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall

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What will I learn?

  1. Operate a CNC turning center tailstock
  2. Operate a CNC turning center tool probe
  3. Develop advanced CNC turning center G-code programs
  4. Set up advanced part fixturing in a CNC turning center
  5. Set up advanced cutting tools in a CNC turning center
  6. Apply the use of parametric programming strategies in CNC turning center programs
  7. Apply programming techniques for high volume and lights out manufacturing
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Class Number: 82556

Fall 2024
Green Bay Campus Room ET105
10/23/2024 - 12/20/2024
W, F — 7:30 AM - 8:20 AM
Green Bay Campus Room MC108
10/23/2024 - 12/18/2024
W — 8:30 AM - 11:20 AM
Green Bay Campus Room MC108
10/25/2024 - 12/20/2024
F — 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM