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Automation Systems Integration

Course Number: 10664189
Credits: 3.00

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Course Description

10-664-189 AUTOMATION SYSTEMS INTEGRATION ...coordination and application of automation technologies into an integrated and automated manufacturing system. (Prerequisites:10-620-159, Power Electronics 3:Drives; 10-620-162, Power Electricity 2: Motors; 10-664-152, Automation 9: HMI; 10-664-162, Control 3: Motion Systems; 10-620-101, Fluids 2:Basic Hydraulics)

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall
  • Spring

Length of Course

  • More than 8 weeks

Course Competencies

  1. Think Critically and Creatively
  2. Demonstrate Personal Accountability
  3. Communicate Effectively
  4. Solve Problems Effectively
  5. Value Individual Differences and Abilities
  6. Work Cooperatively and Professionally
  7. Demonstrate Community and Global Accountability
  8. Integrate Pneumatic system into Manufacturing process
  9. Integrate AC and DC motors into Manufacturing process
  10. Integrate AC and DC drives into Manufacturing process
  11. Integrate PLC programming and architecture into Manufacturing process
  12. Integrate HMI system with Manufacturing process
  13. Integrate Industrial Network system with Manufacturing process
  14. Integrate Motion Control architecture with Manufacturing process
  15. Coordinate and apply Automation technologies and individual components into an integrated and automated manufacturing system