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Architectural Principles

Course Number: 10614210
Credits: 4.00

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Course Description

10-614-210 ARCHITECTURAL PRINCIPLES …introduces the principles of architectural design theory, sketching application, and space planning. Develops skills in visualization, presentation drawings, and architectural language. Basic architectural sketches and drawings will be prepared. (Prerequisite: Acceptance in Architectural Technology program)

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall

Length of Course

Course Competencies

  1. Describe careers related to architecture
  2. Outline the architectural design process
  3. Identify professional organizations related to architecture
  4. Demonstrate proper usage of drafting equipment for sketching
  5. Differentiate between various types of drawing techniques used to document architectural projects
  6. Differentiate between various lines used on architectural drawings
  7. Generate architectural lettering
  8. Identify symbols used on architectural drawings
  9. Compare information shown on various views of architectural drawings
  10. Investigate structural information on residential working drawings
  11. Analyze finish information on residential working drawings
  12. Analyze information on commercial working drawings
  13. Produce a set of preliminary design sketches for an architectural project
  14. Produce a set of design development drawings for an architectural project