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Course Number: 10090115
Credits: 2.00

Course Description

10-090-115 AQUACULTURE/AQUAPONICS ...investigate hydroponic plant growing and fish farming operations; designs, suitable species, maintenance, costs efficiencies and yields. Plan a system, develop a budget, explore markets, trends, and analyze benefits and obstacles in this business.

Course Typically Offered

  • Spring

Length of Course

Course Competencies

  1. Compare farming in water to farming on land.
  2. Describe the biology of aquatic species including fish, plants & bacteria for a system.
  3. Explore the physical farming systems & setups in aquaculture & aquaponics.
  4. Navigate the water quality requirements and issues in aquaculture/ponics.
  5. Evaluate the potential of various aquatic species for farming enterprises.
  6. Evaluate the potential for a business in aquaponics or aquaculture.
  7. Reflect on balancing the ecology of water/land/animal care with the need to feed human populations in a cost effective way.