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Advanced Model Finishing

Credits: 2
Course Number: 10-614-149

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Course Description

10-614-149 ADVANCED MODEL FINISHING ...expands on paint theory, safety, and equipment. Introduces use of vinyl masking systems and creation of multi layered painting processes as well as advanced techniques with gloss, metallic paint, and clear coat. High end sanding, buff and polishing techniques are also covered. (Prerequisite: 10-614-148, Intro to Model Finishing)

Course Typically Offered

  • Spring

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What will I learn?

  1. Utilize various paint gun equipment
  2. Follow surface preparation steps to prepare projects for various sprayed materials
  3. Apply filler materials to fill dents
  4. Apply solvent-based primers in painted projects
  5. Apply base coat paints in painted projects
  6. Apply metallic coats in painted projects
  7. Apply vinyl masking techniques to produce multi colored projects
  8. Apply top coats and clear coats to painted projects
  9. Utilize high grit sanding techniques to prepare clear coat for polish.
  10. Utilize buffing compounds and equipment in high gloss projects.
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Class Number: 22663

Green Bay Campus
Spring 2024
Green Bay Campus Room MC111, Green Bay Campus Room MC112
3/20/2024 - 5/13/2024
M, W — 8:30 AM - 12:15 PM