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Advanced Imaging Modality Concepts

Credits: 1
Course Number: 10-605-220

Course Description

10-605-220 ADVANCED IMAGING MODALITY CONCEPTS ...Explores advanced imaging modalities including, CT scanning, magnetic resonance (MR) scanning, medical sonography, and fluoroscopy, and how each contributes to the concept of diagnostic yield (DY). Image data management and networking will also be discussed. (Prerequisite: 10-605-219, Foundations of Image Quality)

Course Typically Offered

  • Spring

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What will I learn?

  1. Understand Computed Tomography applications and operations.
  2. Explain Computed Tomography Theory of Operation
  3. Understand Magnetic Resonance (MR) applications and operation
  4. Explain Magnetic Resonance theory of operation: part one and part two
  5. Explain ultrasound applications and its theory of operation
  6. Explain nuclear medicine applications and theory of operation
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