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Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT)

Credits: 4
Course Number: 30-531-303

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Course Description

30-531-303 ADVANCED EMT...preparatory aspects, clinical decision-making, basic pharmacology, intravenous therapy, cardiovascular cases, diabetic, narcotic overdose, pediatrics, terrorism response and clinical skill competencies of Advanced EMT level care. (Prerequisites: Apply to AEMT program, currently licensed as a Wisconsin EMT and AEMT Viewpoint account requirements completed).

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall

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What will I learn?

  1. M1-1. Demonstrate proper wellness/safety procedures, patient transfer and medical legal considerations as an AEMT
  2. M1-2. Relate anatomy-physiology and pathophysiology to the profession of an AEMT
  3. M2-1. Demonstrate the concepts related to the principles of pharmacology
  4. M2-2. Demonstrate safe administration of AEMT medications
  5. M2-3. Apply the principles of emergency medicine pharmacology as related to the AEMT
  6. M3-1. Demonstrate thorough primary and secondary patient assessments.
  7. M3-2. Demonstrate history-taking as a part of a thorough patient assessment
  8. M3-3. Distinguish among the anatomical, physical, cognitive and emotional differences of pediatric and adult patients
  9. M3-4. Examine the physiological and psychosocial characteristics associated with various stages of life.
  10. M4-1. Investigate the respiratory process and anatomy of the airway
  11. M4-2. Demonstrate the proper basic and advanced airway management
  12. M5-1. Demonstrate a correct medical assessment.
  13. M5-2. Examine the assessment findings, pathophysiology and treatment for patients with variety of medical emergencies
  14. M6-1. Classify the different types of shock
  15. M6-2. Demonstrate the management of a patient in a state of shock.
  16. M7-1. Demonstrate a correct trauma assessment
  17. M7-2. Apply treatment principles for patients with soft tissue, orthopedic, nervous system, and head and spine trauma injury
  18. M7-3. Manage a patient with environmental emergencies
  19. M8-1. Demonstrate the management of a patient with an obstetrical emergency including child birth
  20. M8-2. Apply assessment and treatment principles for a variety of emergencies for pediatric and geriatric patients
  21. M8-3. Simulate assessment and treatment considerations for a patient with special challenges
  22. M9-1. Outline principles of safe ground and air ambulance operations
  23. M9-2. Apply principles of incident management
  24. M9-3. Determine appropriate procedures related to motor vehicle extrication
  25. M9-4. Identify potential Weapons of Mass Destruction incidents and their management
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Fall 2024
Web Conference
8/20/2024 - 12/17/2024
Tu — 5:30 PM - 9:20 PM
Green Bay Campus Room CC120121, Green Bay Campus Room CC122ABC
8/22/2024 - 12/19/2024
Th — 5:30 PM - 9:20 PM