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Administrative Law

Credits: 3
Course Number: 10-110-115

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Course Description

10-110-115 ADMINISTRATIVE LAW ...exploration of the paralegal's role in preparation and representation of cases before administrative agencies, structure and authority of administrative agencies, procedures, and substantive state and federal administrative law. (Associate Degree Prerequisite: 10-110-101, Paralegal Intro/Legal Ethics with a "C" or better; Technical Diploma Corequisite: 10-110-101, Paralegal Intro/Legal Ethics)

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall

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What will I learn?

  1. Outline the steps of formal and informal administrative rulemaking.
  2. Outline the steps of administrative adjudication before various administrative agencies.
  3. Identify and outline the various structures of administrative agencies.
  4. Outline the similarities and differences between administrative and legal adjudication.
  5. Outline and identify issues regarding administrative due process.
  6. Interview clients to elicit information regarding administrative disputes.
  7. Draft the necessary notices and documents for representing a client before an administrative agency.
  8. Prepare a case for representation before an administrative agency.
  9. Identify issues in substantive administrative law.
  10. Carry out research regarding administrative disputes.
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