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Soil Management

Course Number: 30-090-393
Credits: 4
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Course Information

Description: 30-090-393 SOIL MANAGEMENT ...preparing and implementing a land use plan, soil testing procedures and reports, corrective fertilizers, soil conservation, tillage operations, nutrient management plan and implementations.
Total Credits: 4

Prior Learning Assessments


Course Competencies

  1. Recognize the importance and benifits of a land management plan.
  2. Determine which regulations apply to their type of farm operation.
  3. Properly sample soil and manure for current analysis.
  4. Assess soil fertility needs based on test results and crop production needs.
  5. Explain how soil stores nutrients and plants absorb them.
  6. Determine the most economical means of allocating and handling manure.
  7. Distinguish between the different soil ammendments and select the best ones to meet their needs.
  8. Calculate simple fertilizer blends.
  9. Determine the cost / unit, and economic benefit of each soil ammendment.
  10. Manage soil moisture problems.
  11. Implement soil conserving practices.
  12. Develop a long range enviromentally friendly land use plan.
  13. Recognize the importance of good public relations and develop a program to support that interest as well as encourage safety and wellness in your community.
  14. Objectively evaluate their farm business operation using internal records analysis.