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Mathematical Reasoning

Course Number: 10-804-134
Credits: 3
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Course Information

Description: 10-804-134 MATHEMATICAL REASONING ...This course provides an alternative pathway to earning credit for a college level liberal arts mathematics course. All college students, regardless of their college major, need to be able to make reasonable decisions about fiscal, environmental, and health issues that require quantitative reasoning skills. An activity based approach is used to explore numerical relationships, graphs, proportional relationships, algebraic reasoning, and problem solving using linear, exponential and other mathematical models. Students will develop conceptual and procedural tools that support the use of key mathematical concepts in a variety of contexts. This course is not designed for Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) students and/or others who require calculus. (Prerequisite: Next Gen Arith score greater/equal to 250 AND Rdg score greater/equal to 250; OR TABE A 9/10 Math greater/equal to 12.7 AND Rdg greater/equal to 8.8; OR TABE 11/12 Math greater/equal to 780 AND Rdg greater/equal to 567; OR ACT Math score greater/equal to 15 AND ACT Reading score greater/equal to 16; OR prep courses-contact an academic advisor 920-498-5444)
Total Credits: 3

Course Competencies

  1. Demonstrate operation sense by communicating verbally and symbolically the effects of common operations on numbers.
  2. Apply quantitative reasoning strategies to solve real-world problems involving ratios, rates, proportions, and scaling
  3. Describe the underlying structure of quantitative reasoning problems using the language and structure of algebra
  4. Translate quantitative reasoning problems from a variety of contexts into mathematical models

Course details are from the 2021-2022 academic year and are subject to change after 5/23/2022.