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Architectural Commercial Studio 1

Course Number: 10-614-250
Credits: 4
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Course Information

Description: 10-614-250 ARCHITECTURAL COMMERCIAL STUDIO 1 …introduces the design and construction process for commercial building projects. Compliance to applicable codes will be stressed. Advanced building information modeling tools will be used to design and document a commercial building. (Prerequisites: 10-614-219, Architectural Residential; 10-614-218, BIM Structural)
Total Credits: 4

Prior Learning Assessments


Course Competencies

  1. Use references essential to the architectural field
  2. Utilize the International Building Code
  3. Explore accessibility standards
  4. Produce a set of working drawings that includes plans, elevations, and sections from sketches and data given
  5. Explain the basics of steel and masonry construction types, methods and details
  6. Produce a rendered presentation and a walk through using a BIM system
  7. Design an educational facility
  8. Create an index sheet
  9. Design a working drawing floor plan
  10. Design elevations
  11. Create a door schedule
  12. Design a building section and wall section for a steel framed building