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2D Essentials

Course Number: 10-614-113
Credits: 2
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Course Information

Description: 10-614-113 2D ESSENTIALS ... an introduction to technical communication, annotation, geometric construction, model, orthographic and pictorial, section and auxiliary views and dimensioning.
Total Credits: 2

Prior Learning Assessments


Course Competencies

  1. Describe four fundamental stages of the design process.
  2. Create freehand sketches of simple objects.
  3. Letter sketches per lettering standards.
  4. Identify points, lines, and planes as they appear in technical sketches.
  5. Describe solids.
  6. Describe the elements of planar shapes.
  7. Create orthographic sketches of simple objects.
  8. Create isometric sketches of simple objects.
  9. Create sketches of simple section views.
  10. Create sketches of simple auxiliary views.
  11. Create dimensioned sketches of simple objects.