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Vehicle Body Mechanical Service

Course Number: 10-602-203
Credits: 1
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Course Information

Description: 10-602-203 VEHICLE BODY MECHANICAL SERVICE ...knowledge, skills, process, and understanding of internal door components/moveable glass, body opening adjustments, exterior body components, seat removal/repair, sunroof repair, wind noise diagnosis, water leak diagnosis, and interior trim. (Prerequisite: Accepted to the Automotive Technician or Automotive Technology program)
Total Credits: 1

Course Competencies

  1. Demonstrate professionalism appropriate for the auto service industry
  2. Perform internal door component replacement and adjustment
  3. Remove and adjust moveable glass for proper alignment and sealing
  4. Perform exterior vehicle body opening door, trunk, and hood adjustments
  5. Replace exterior body trim and cover components
  6. Replace seat covers
  7. Perform sun roof repairs and adjustments
  8. Identify and repair body opening water leaks and windnoise
  9. Remove and replace interior trim components

Course details are from the 2021-2022 academic year and are subject to change after 5/23/2022.