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Advanced Policing

Course Number: 10-504-211
Credits: 2
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Course Information

Description: 10-504-211 ADVANCED POLICING ...In this course students will to apply appropriate strategies to locate, handle, and package evidentiary items while maintaining the chain of custody. There will also be emphasis placed on the preserving, handling and collecting of digital evidence such as computers and cell phones. Students will also be required to demonstrate a search and proper documentation of a simulated crime scene. During simulated scenarios students will continue identifying the elements that make up common offenses involving drugs, alcohol, status offenses, and crimes against persons or property. Students will prepare reports based upon the crimes they identified during the scenarios including a Probable Cause Affidavit and a Use of Force narrative. There will also be a review of common errors made in law enforcement reports and strategies to avoid such errors. Students will also continue to learn how to make the best decisions and choices by critically analyzing ethical situations and defending the decisions they make. Students will continue developing their sensitivity to and understanding of discrimination and diversity as well as its effects on law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. Finally, students will learn the basics of presenting effective court testimony and will have the opportunity to practice giving testimony based on a report they have previously written. (Prerequisite: 10-504-209 Advanced DAAT; Corequisites: all 10-504-XXX courses in the current semester)
Total Credits: 2

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