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Fundamentals of Patrol

Course Number: 10-504-203
Credits: 2
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Course Information

Description: 10-504-203 FUNDAMENTALS OF PATROL ...students will have the opportunity to explore the importance of written policies and procedures in law enforcement work, practice use of the Traffic and Criminal Software (TraCS), a software system used by Wisconsin law enforcement, examine Wisconsin's traffic laws, learn how to fill out the paper citation and electronic citation (TraCS), learn the legal basis for making vehicle contacts, conduct threat assessments, and demonstrate an approach vehicle contact in various simulated situations. (Prerequisite: 10-504-200 Law Enforcement Basics ; Corequisites: all 10-504-XXX courses in the current semester)
Total Credits: 2

Prior Learning Assessments


Course Competencies

  1. Describe the role of policies in agency operations.
  2. Apply agency policies effectively in order to produce desired outcomes.
  3. Describe key concepts in the Traffic Criminal Software (TraCS)
  4. Enforce Wisconsin traffic laws.
  5. Detect traffic violations.
  6. Issue traffic citations, ranging from warnings to arrest.
  7. Direct Traffic
  8. Identify the legal basis for making vehicle contacts.
  9. Conduct an appropriate threat assessment prior to and during a vehicle contact.
  10. Demonstrate the proper procedures for making an approach vehicle contact
  11. Describe elements of effective law enforcement reports.
  12. Describe what information should be included in certain types of reports.