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Utility Systems-Natural Gas

Course Number: 10-468-104
Credits: 3
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Course Information

Description: 10-468-104 UTILITY SYSTEMS-NATURAL GAS ...learn natural gas utility systems configuration from supply sources to local distribution and customer loads. Train on basic gas utility field installation and service practices. (Prerequisites: 10-468-101, Utility Power Systems Coordination; 10-442-150, Machine Fab 1)
Total Credits: 3

Prior Learning Assessments


Course Competencies

  1. Investigate transmission and distribution systems
  2. Investigate installation of gas mains and services
  3. Review meter set components
  4. Explain below and above ground gas valves
  5. Review operation and maintenance of gas systems
  6. Analyze mapping and record keeping
  7. Analyze construction equipment safety and operation
  8. Access safety and regulatory codes
  9. Identify hazards in gas utility systems
  10. Explain joining procedures for installing gas mains and services
  11. Explain leak detection procedures
  12. Identify installation methods for underground pipelines
  13. Locate underground facilities
  14. Conduct pre-job briefing (discussion) with team
  15. Review gas system uprating and abandoning
  16. Become familiar with Operator Qualifications (OQ) used in gas utility industry