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Prototype Metal Fabrication

Course Number: 10-442-153
Credits: 2
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Course Information

Description: 10-442-153 PROTOTYPE METAL FABRICATION...ferrous and non-ferrous metals, oxyacetylene gas, tungsten arc, gas metal arc, and metal fabrication.
Total Credits: 2

Course Competencies

  1. Demonstrate safe work habits and practices.
  2. Identify various base metals.
  3. Cut piece parts utilizing appropriate methods.
  4. Weld metal using the Oxtacetylene {OAW} process.
  5. Weld metal using the Gas Tungsten Arc {GTA} process.
  6. Weld metal using the Gas Metal Arc {GMA} process.
  7. Design a metal product which requires cutting, forming and joining.
  8. Process metal using cutting, bending, rolling and drilling techniques.
  9. Fabricate a metal product using fixturing and joining techniques.

Course details are from the 2021-2022 academic year and are subject to change after 5/23/2022.