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Enterprise Resource Plan/Control

Course Number: 10-182-120
Credits: 3
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Course Information

Description: 10-182-120 ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLAN/CONTROL ...enterprise resource planning (ERP), benefits of ERP implementation in an organization, business process alignment, value chain process, technology and international considerations, successful change management, process analysis and ERP project implementation process.
Total Credits: 3

Prior Learning Assessments

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Course Competencies

  1. Explain Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
  2. Develop an ERP business case.
  3. Examine the business process design.
  4. Examine the technology and international considerations in implementing an ERP.
  5. Explain project implementation and Theory of Constraints related to ERP.
  6. Examine the change management process and ERP implementations.
  7. Apply the process of implementing ERP.
  8. Expand on methods of ERP to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage.