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IT:Program:Part 1 (C#)

Course Number: 10152173
Credits: 3.00

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Course Description

10-152-173 IT:PROGRAM:PART 1 (C#) ...provides a foundation of syntax/semantics of C# .NET programming language to develop Windows-based applications. Covers the architecture of Microsoft's .NET platform where C# is the native language.

Course Typically Offered

  • Fall
  • Spring

Length of Course

Course Competencies

  1. Analyze the software development process
  2. Use the Visual Studio environment
  3. Delineate the basic structure of a C# program
  4. Apply the different rules for variables in C#
  5. Use variables, constants, and operators
  6. Use conditional statements in a program to make decisions
  7. Use the FOR and WHILE loop structures to create loops
  8. Create, write, and append data to a file
  9. Use nested loops in programs
  10. Explain how to modularize code using methods
  11. Use single dimensional arrays to hold data
  12. Implement two dimensional arrays
  13. Use the C# string library functions to manipulate strings
  14. Implement Structures, Enumerated Types and Dictionaries in C#
  15. Explain classes in C#
  16. Demonstrate the object-oriented programming concept of inheritance
  17. Explain the object-oriented programming concept of polymorphism
  18. Connect to a database management system