Utilities and Energy Coordination Network

Utilities and Energy Coordination Network

Building a Skilled Energy Workforce Together 

You’re invited to join the Utilities and Energy Coordination Network, a group of educators, industry leaders, and workforce developers with a clear, common purpose – to close the workforce gap in the energy industry. Together, we will advance technology education so students across the country can succeed and become contributing members of the energy workforce and communities. 

The need for skilled technicians in the energy industry is startling. Looming retirements and changing technologies are impacting 72 percent of employers nationwide. Workers with engineering and technical skills are in high demand – yet qualified candidates are in short supply.  

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Utilities and Energy Coordination Network members will: 

Share information and collaborate toward these goals/outcomes: 

  1. Increased offered programs in the utilities and energy sectors. 

  2. Increased students graduating from utilities and/or energy programs to fill workforce gaps.

  3. Faculty continuously trained on the latest industry trends.


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About the Network

Leading the Network’s efforts is Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. NWTC is a two-year technical college with a long history of fostering partnerships to provide educational and training opportunities for the development of a skilled workforce. NWTC has one of the widest varieties of utility-related programming in the Midwest. The College offers the Utilities Engineering Technology, Solar Energy Technology and Energy Management Technology associate degrees and Electrical Power Distribution and Gas Utility Construction and Service technical diplomas.  The college is also home to Lineworker and Substation apprenticeships. 

The goal of the Utilities and Energy Coordination Network is to build on this expertise and give education, industry, and professional organizations a platform to share resources and form partnerships that will lead to expanded training opportunities across the country. Once developed, the Network will continue virtual communication to ensure long-term sustainability.

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