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Marinette Area Higher Education Coalition

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Marinette Area Higher Education Coalition

NWTC Marinette and UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus

Did you know Marinette and Menominee area residents can now earn a variety of credentials locally – from short-term certificates to master’s degrees?

Diverse programs in skilled trades, health care, business, the arts, engineering, science, social services, and many more career fields are located right here in Marinette!

It’s all possible through the Marinette Area Higher Education Coalition, a collaboration between NWTC Marinette and University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Marinette Campus. The Coalition is our commitment to the region to serve our communities with a wide range of educational and cultural experiences.

*Please note: Portions of this video were filmed before COVID-19 campus requirements of face coverings.

A shared commitment to student success drives Marinette Area Higher Education Coalition’s work

A shared commitment to student success drives Marinette Area Higher Education Coalition’s work

Jennifer Flatt, Dean of NWTC Marinette, and Cindy Bailey, Campus Executive Office of UW - Green Bay, Marinette Campus, discuss their shared vision for the Marinette Area Higher Education Coalition.

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What are the benefits for students?

Bachelor’s Degree Options

Do you see a bachelor’s degree in your future? Through the Coalition, you can seamlessly transfer NWTC credits and some associate degrees into UW-Green Bay bachelor’s degree programs. See what bachelor’s degrees you can earn fully right here in Marinette.

Access to Classes at Both Campuses

Taking classes at both campuses is easy thanks to the cross-trained advisors who are here to help create a seamless experience for you.

Open Student Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in activities, clubs, and events at both campuses. Join in the fun and get involved!

Cost Savings

Together, we offer affordable tuition rates lower than most regional and online options. Plus, with savings on room and board, scholarships, and financial aid, students save money as they work alongside highly experienced faculty with real-world experience.

This dynamic, hands-on learning environment includes individualized attention, research opportunities, and flexible class schedules to help prepare students for careers of the future.


Interested in collegiate athletics? Students from both campuses can play women’s volleyball or men’s basketball for UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus – home of the Buccaneers! To be eligible, students need to be enrolled in at least six credits per term (for NWTC students, at least three of those six must be UW credits).

Shared Library Resources

Students may use the library at either campus to check out and return books and materials, use computers and printers, study, and ask library staff for assistance with research. Learn more about the shared library resources.
Patrick Rau

Patrick Rau

Peshtigo School District Superintendent
The future of education and our local economy is looking bright thanks to the Marinette Area Higher Education Coalition. Recent high-school graduates and those adults seeking a career change have a great opportunity waiting for them as this partnership will provide affordable, flexible, and increased access to learning opportunities, skilled training, and degree options right here in our local community.
Daniel Peterson

Daniel Peterson

The Stephenson National Bank & Trust President/CEO
This educational partnership is not only a wonderful opportunity for the individual students who enroll, but also for everyone who lives and works in our area. The highly-skilled talent the Marinette Area Higher Education Coalition creates is essential to help fuel our local economy. I am very pleased that our two area higher education facilities are working closely together to enhance our local community.

Who do I contact for more information?

NWTC logo

NWTC Marinette Campus
Jennifer Flatt, Campus Dean

University of Wisconsin Green Bay

UW-Green Bay │ Marinette Campus
Cindy Bailey, Campus Executive Officer