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Artisan Residency Program

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Current Residency News:

Join us to celebrate the culmination of the 2022-2023 Residency Program at "Exploring | Experimenting | Emerging" an art exhibition featuring the 2023 NWTC Artisan Center Residents. 

Opening Reception: Friday, June 2nd from 5pm-7pm (free and open to the public!)

Exhibition Location: The Art Garage (1400 Cedar Street | Green Bay, WI 54302)

Exploring, Experimenting, Emerging. An art exhibition featuring the 2023 NWTC Artisan Center Residents

Apply Online Below! (Applications Close 6/11/23)

NWTC Artisan and Business Center Residency Program

The NWTC Artisan and Business Center offers a competitive business-focused residency program to visual artists starting or growing their arts-based business in Northeast Wisconsin. Up to five artists are accepted annually and receive mentorship, educational opportunities, and experiences to grow their arts-based business. There is no cost to apply or participate in the program.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At NWTC, we believe everyone has worth. We are not limited to age, gender, social status, sexual orientation, and religion. We are unified in dignity and diversity. We believe everyone — no matter where they are in their personal and professional journeys — can dream big and rise above their current places. We believe everyone can soar higher. For special accommodations or questions about accessibility, contact  

Residency Program Goals

Residency Program Goals

  1. Encourage and foster entrepreneurship in the arts.
  2. Mentor artists to develop the business skills needed to be successful.
  3. Foster and contribute to a creative economy in Northeast Wisconsin.

Residency Program Timeline

2023-2024 Timeline:

  • May 1: Applications Open
  • June 11: Applications Close
  • June 26 - July 14: Interviews & Contracts
  • July 17: Announce Artists

Annual Timeline:

  • May: Applications Open
  • Mid-June: Applications Close
  • End of June: Interviews / Contracts
  • Mid July: Announce Artists
  • Early August: Artist Orientation / Meet & Greet Mixer
  • September: Begin Monthly Meetings
  • October: Business of Art class w/ Frank Juarez
  • September - April: Monthly Meetings
    1. Vision & Future
    2. Business Basics
    3. Branding
    4. Goal Setting
    5. Website & Online Presence
    6. Group Critique
    7. Exhibition Development
  • May: An Artist’s Journey Conversation with Residents
  • June: Residency Exhibition at the Art Garage

Selection Process

  • All applications are reviewed by Artisan Center staff to ensure completion and eligibility.
  • Artisan Center staff will select finalists for in-person or virtual interviews.
  • Artisan Center staff will select and notify up to 5 artists each year.

Applications and interviews are reviewed by Artisan Center staff using the following criteria

  • Is the provided application complete and contain sufficient detail related to all application questions?
  • Is the artist living and working in Northeast Wisconsin?
  • Does the artist produce artwork of quality?
  • Is the artist starting and/or growing the business of their established art practice?
  • Does the artist show potential to develop a successful business practice?
  • Does the artist demonstrate a commitment to participate in all program activities and engage in opportunities offered at the Artisan Center?
  • Does the artist have the capacity to create a body of work for exhibition?
  • Does the artist demonstrate passion for a creative community?

NWTC Artisan Center Commitment

  • Follow above timeline.
  • Provide an Open Studio Membership for the duration of the program at no cost.
  • Provide website and social media features.
  • Provide one non-credit class at no cost.
  • Provide opportunities to create community within the cohort and with the Artisan Center’s staff/faculty/students.
  • Provide opportunities to meet arts professionals to specifically help advance a resident’s practice.
  • Provide exhibition space and marketing for residency exhibition.

*Please note, this is a nontraditional residency. NWTC does not provide studio space, housing, meals, or stipends.  

Accepted Artists Commitment

  • Participating for the duration of the program from July through June.
  • Meeting with program mentor 1x per quarter.
  • Attending monthly meetings with residency cohort.
  • Engaging in responsive and timely communication.
  • Attending and promoting residency events.
  • Completing requirements for website and social media features.
  • Creating a body of artwork for the culminating exhibition.
  • Participating in the Artisan Center’s business-focused speaker series, An Artist’s Journey, near the end of the residency program.

Program Leader

Carrie Dorski

Artisan Center Operations Coordinator


Apply Online:

Frank Juarez Headshot

Frank Juárez

Frank Juárez brings two decades of art education and arts management experience organizing local and regional art exhibitions, community art events, facilitating presentations, supporting artists through grant programs, and offering professional development workshops. Frank is in the forefront of promoting Wisconsin artists, as well as attracting regional, national, and international artists to collaborate and exhibit in Wisconsin. Juárez’s projects include Artdose Magazine365 Artists 365 Days ProjectMidwest Artist Studios Project, and the Indiana Green Invitational.

Juárez is the Sheboygan North High School art department chair, SchoolArts Magazine contributing editor, and Artdose Magazine publisher.

Connect with Frank:

Craig Bower Headshot

Craig Bower

Craig Bower is a creative, entrepreneur and marketing professional. From a foundation built on creative design and marketing strategy, his career expands 30+ years over several industries proving every day that you can build, market, grow and maintain compelling brands. He is currently applying that expertise as Marketing Director to help Hansen Foods build some of the top outstanding frozen pizza brands in the world. Craig is the founder of Design That Rocks, a client-focused agency delivering a wide range of creative services, strategy, and marketing since 2007, Rub That Rocks offering handcrafted seasoning and dry rubs since 2019 and has been member of the Kiss Army since 1975.  

Connect with Craig: