Safety & Security

Our goal is to promote a safe and welcoming environment to improve the quality of campus life for everyone learning and working at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. We do this by working in partnership with the campus community to provide the most professional and effective campus security services possible. 

Also, in observance of the federal government's Clery Act, we maintain and provide access to campus crime statistics.


  • In case of an emergency, please call the Campus Security Desk; (920) 498-5699. The Campus Security Officers' desk is located in SC304.
  • If you cannot reach the officer on duty CALL 911.
  • On the Green Bay Campus, Emergency/Assistance Phones are located on a light pole with a camera and the letter identifying the parking lot location. Other locations around campus have courtesy phones. Calls from all campus emergency phones go directly to the officer on duty.

Incident Reporting

To report an emergency, a crime or criminal activity on campus, call the Security Office. Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Officers will respond to all reports for emergencies, crimes and/or criminal activity. Officers will complete an "Incident Report" for any crime occurring on Northeast Wisconsin Technical College property. For further information on the Incident process, please review the Incident Reporting Procedure.