Password Safety

Do you know what makes a good password? Passwords are the key to your online identity, so it’s important to practice good password habits.

  • Turn your password into a sentence!  Using a sentence as your password can be easier to remember and it allows you to meet the requirements of a strong password (uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, special characters, and length)
  • Use a different password for every account.
  • Do not share your passwords with anyone!
  • Keep track of your password and keep them safe by using a password manager like KeePass or LastPass, which can help you remember all of your passwords and accounts. Password managers let you have one longer, stronger password that can get you access to your other passwords.  KeePass and LastPass are also available on your Apple or Android devices.
  • Use two-factor authentication whenever available.  Two-factor authentication enables an additional layer of security to your account. An extra key can be sent to a user to enter into the account, along with a password. Needing both your password and the key makes it harder to break into your account.