Donate to the Student Emergency Fund

Help NWTC students persevere and soar higher

The well-being of our students is our highest concern.
COVID-19 has created a new obstacle for students – and they need your help.

Your donation of any amount will provide students with food and help with housing, childcare, gas, and other basic needs.

Every gift matters. Your donation can help students get through this difficult time and on course to graduation – many just weeks away. 

Yes, count on me!

Our students understand challenges.  

  • About forty percent of NWTC students are low-income. A financial obstacle, such as job loss, reduction in hours, or medical bill, can create a burden that results in having to drop out of college. 
  • 100% of the 1,000 students served by NWTC’s Financial Coaching Center reported they had no savings.   
  • Each week about 50 students use NWTC’s Shared Harvest Food Pantry for staples like peanut butter, pasta, cereal, and canned food.
How to Donate

Send a check to:
NWTC Educational Foundation, PO Box 19042, Green Bay, WI  54307

Since 2010 around 350 students annually receive assistance for financial hardships through Student Emergency Fund. Due to COVID-19 we expect the need to increase dramatically. The hand-outs provided are actually hand ups, as they put into action connecting students to college and community resources.

Many factors are considered when assessing a student’s need, including academic performance, credit load, employment status, enrollment status, family size, and financial aid award. The median award per student is around $400.

Student success is our mission and our passion and we could not do it without YOU.​